Criminal Defense And DWI Attorney Serving The St. Louis Area

If you are facing criminal charges — whether misdemeanor or felony — obtaining the right legal representation is critical. My name is Gregory Smith, and I can give you the peace of mind you need when you need help navigating the intimidating criminal justice system.

From my St. Louis-based law firm, The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, and as a partner at respected domestic and criminal law firm Grant, Miller & Smith, LLC, I represent clients in Missouri and Illinois in state and federal courts. Contact my office today if you have been arrested or are under investigation for:

  • Drunk driving violations such as DWI or felony DWI. I can also assist you with getting your driver's license back.
  • Serious felonies such as violent crimes, sex crimes, drug crimes or fraud.
  • Federal offenses like health care fraud, child pornography or drug conspiracies.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer With A Scientific Background

Unlike most criminal defense lawyers, I have gained an education in and spent a portion of my professional career working in the forensic science field. If you are facing criminal charges, such as homicide or rape, where DNA evidence can make the difference in the outcome, there are no attorneys better equipped to evaluate that evidence.

An Experienced Trial Attorney Protecting Your Rights And Interests

As your lawyer, I will take the time to sit down with you and listen to your account and address all of your questions and concerns. I will use my experience, knowledge and resources to give you the practical legal guidance you need to help you positively resolve your case.

In many cases, I can use my findings to negotiate an out-of-court solution that minimizes the negative effects of your arrest. If prosecutors are being unreasonable, however, I will be ready to take your case before a jury.

Call Today For A Free Consultation

With so much riding on the outcome of a criminal conviction — prison, fines, probation, license suspension — put your trust in an attorney who has a track record of getting positive results. Contact The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith at 314-492-6984 if you would like to schedule a consultation. My office accepts credit cards, and Spanish translation services are available.