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White collar crimes: Missouri man pleads guilty to fraud

Many people in Missouri spend time planning international adventures. Some go so far as to acquire a passport. But as with all plans, people can change their minds and decide on a different destination. While a change of mind is rarely the basis of a white collar crimes investigation, one man has recently pleaded guilty to fraud related to information he provided when he applied for a passport.

Officials claim that the 22-year-old man lied about his travel plans. As a result he was arrested. He recently pleaded guilty to passport fraud. As part of the plea, the government admits that it has no evidence that he was engaged in terroristic activities, but it can continue investigating.

Possession of drugs charges follow Missouri traffic stop

Because most people have relatively little legal experience, many drivers who are pulled over by a police officer may be unaware of their legal rights. For example, refusing an officer's request to search a vehicle when he or she does not have a warrant may be the best choice. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is now accused of possession of drugs following a traffic stop.

The incident reportedly happened in Nov. 2016. According to reports, a 30-year-old man was pulled over because his license plate did not match his vehicle. The deputy who pulled him over claims that the man admitted that he did not have a driver's license because it had been suspended, and he was allegedly unable to prove that he had insurance.

Louisiana man accused of assault with a vehicle

When a person in Louisiana is charged with a crime, he or she likely has several questions. Unfortunately, defendants in criminal proceedings often do not have the necessary legal knowledge to make informed decisions about their cases. For example, a man is likely wondering about his future after he was recently arrested on assault and other criminal charges.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in early September. Police were called to the scene of a residence. Two people who lived there claim that the defendant drove his truck onto the property and drove it around the house before striking one of the people. That individual claims that the man then threatened to run him over with the truck.

Elderly Missouri woman charged with embezzlement

It is easy to make a mistake at a place of employment. While such an incident can often lead to censure or possibly even termination, it rarely results in an arrest and criminal charges.  Unfortunately, an elderly woman in Missouri was recently arrested, charged with embezzlement.

The charges stem from the woman's employment at a company that specializes in commercial real estate property management. Police apparently believe that the 70-year-old embezzled over $2 million from the company. The embezzlement allegedly occurred over a period of approximately 14 years.

Missouri man accused of domestic assault after chase

There are many different sides of a story. Often the version reported in the news following an incident believed to involve violence does not provide all the details. Regardless, a person accused of a crime is presumed innocent in court unless sufficient evidence is provided to prove otherwise. A man in Missouri is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested for assault, among other charges.

The incident that led to his arrest occurred on an August night. Police claim they received a call about an alleged domestic assault. When they arrived, they claim they discovered a woman who had injuries consistent with being choked and struck in the face. Her husband, who she claims caused her injuries, allegedly left the home before police arrived.

Is forensic evidence a reliable burden of proof?

The standard in court is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s a long-held standard that calls for certainty in conviction. Yet, many court cases use questionable forensic evidence in trials.

Forensic evidence is well known to those who watch court shows on TV. However, studies in the past decade are casting doubt about their reliability. Bite marks, hair identification and other familiar forms of evidence don’t meet the same criteria of certainty that scientists require in academic research. As further proof, The National Registry of Exonerations at the University of California Irvine keeps a report of people who were absolved of false convictions—nearly one-fourth of the list cites “false or misleading evidence” as a reason.

Man accused of officer's murder in Missouri

Police officers in Missouri often put their lives at risk in order to protect others. As a result, when an incident results in the death or injury of an officer, answers are demanded, and a desire to make an arrest is strong, even when there is little evidence indicating what happened. Unfortunately, a man was recently arrested, charged with murder, following the death of an officer.

The incident that allegedly led to the man's arrest happened on a day in early August. Reports indicate that the now-deceased officer pulled over a 39-year-old man, reportedly for a registration violation. However, police claim that the man shot the officer who was able to return fire and shoot the suspect.

Commercial truck driver in Missouri charged with drunk driving

The average person in Missouri likely has little experience with the criminal justice system. As a result, when a person is charged with a crime, he or she may be unaware of the process, his or her rights and how to respond to allegations. One young man in Missouri is likely experiencing a great deal of uncertainty after he was accused of drunk driving.

The incident that led to his arrest reportedly happened on a day in early August. Reports indicate that the 23-year-old was driving an asphalt truck for Seal-O-Matic Paving Company. While he was driving, the truck allegedly struck a concrete barricade, damaging it.

Former University of Missouri employee suspected of embezzlement

An organization that is struggling financially may choose to seek answers to its struggles. Often, this may mean finding someone on which to lay blame. Unfortunately, a former employee of the University of Missouri is suspected of embezzlement after an internal review was conducted. Prior to the alleged criminal activity, several individuals were laid off after offices were restructured to compensate for revenue lost due to declining tuition and state funds.

The internal review was sparked after an employee with the Office of Greek Life reportedly discovered what was described as "suspicious activity." Following the review conducted by the university, the case was handed over to police, stating that the case involves misappropriating funds associated with the Office of Greek Life. Many of the details regarding the allegations are unclear -- including the activity that the employer claims to have observed and how much money is involved.

Incident in Missouri leads to murder charge

Drug side effects can often have dramatic, but unpredictable consequences. They can make a normally calm, pleasant person paranoid and violent. Unfortunately, loved ones of drug abusers are often unsure how to respond to such unpredictable behavior. In fact, a man in Missouri was recently charged with murder after he claims he defended himself from his girlfriend who was on drugs.

Reports indicate that the 70-year-old man arrived at a police station in Missouri, allegedly telling officers that he had shot his 54-year-old girlfriend. He claims that the woman used meth. Afterward, he reportedly told police, she yelled at him and accused him of cheating on her.

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