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Assault, drug charges filed in Missouri shooting

When a relationship ends, a person who is newly single may have a difficult time. While most people have different ways of coping with such a life event, the majority of people do not turn to violence. Unfortunately, police are accusing a man in Missouri of doing just that, and he now faces multiple charges, including drug possession and domestic assault.

The alleged incident occurred on a day in late June. Police claim that a 30-year-old man was attempting to merge onto a Missouri interstate next to a vehicle occupied by a 22-year-old female and a 25-year-old male. According to police, the defendant fired several shots into the couple's vehicle.

Both are said to have been shot several times and remain hospitalized. Police arrested the defendant soon afterward. Reports indicate that the older man and the female victim had been in a relationship. Police believe that the shooting occurred because the man was unhappy with the woman is now dating the male victim. When his vehicle was searched, police allegedly found cocaine and marijuana.

Multiple charges have been filed against the Missouri man in connection with the alleged shooting and reported drug discovery. They include possession of a controlled substance and domestic assault, among other weapon-related charges. To help this man fully understand his options and make informed decisions about his case, he has the right to an attorney. Legal counsel with experience with such cases can help the man throughout the legal process, including making decision regarding the direction the case will take.

Source:, "Man arrested and charged after shooting on I-70 and Highway 63 connector in Columbia", June 27, 2017

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