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Missouri man accused of domestic assault, kidnapping

Relationships in Missouri and other areas of the country can be volatile. People who live together and share their lives can have conflict. Unfortunately, police believe that an interaction between a couple in a relationship recently turned violent, resulting in domestic assault and kidnapping charges against a man.

The man's arrest came on a day in late June. According to reports, his alleged victim arrived at the sheriff's office at approximately 5 a.m. one morning. She told police that the man -- now arrested -- had asked her for money and became violent when did not give him any.

After the alleged refusal, she claims that the man knocked her down and struck her in the face before refusing to allow her to leave his house. He has since been charged with kidnapping and domestic assault. Police say they were able to take him into custody without incident. The couple had been the subject of at least two domestic violence calls in the two days leading up to the man's arrest.

When an incident involves a couple and there are no witnesses, it is often one person's word against another's. Because the criminal court demands sufficient proof to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it is often difficult to meet this burden in cases such as this. To help this Missouri man fully understand all of the issues surrounding these allegations of assault and kidnapping, he may choose to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With such help, he will likely feel more prepared to make the important decisions that he is now facing.

Source:, "Marble Hill man accused of beating, kidnapping woman", Tyler Graef, June 27, 2017

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