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February 2018 Archives

Missouri school district bookkeeper pleads guilty to embezzlement

A former Jasper School District employee pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges. The 55-year-old woman from Columbus, Kansas, was head bookkeeper for the school district from 2009 to 2016. She voluntarily resigned in 2016 after being asked to explain payroll and expenditure discrepancies.

Missouri man charged with possession of drugs

Anyone can can make an accusation about another person to police. That accusation could be based on an actual concern or suspicion, or simply the accuser's desire to cause problems for another person. Regardless, police in Missouri say that they arrested a man for possession of drugs after receiving a call about suspicious behavior.

Man accused of murder following Missouri restaurant shooting

When it comes to a confrontation, it may be hard for those involved to fully understand the intent of others involved or the potential harm they could cause. Unfortunately, this could leave both parties in fear of their lives. In fact, witnesses claim that a recent confrontation between two men at a Missouri restaurant led to accusations of murder.

Missouri driver accused of drunk driving in crash with trooper

Drivers, especially those driving at night, have many distractions and hazards while they are on Missouri roads. Unfortunately, something as simple as drifting onto the shoulder of the road can have drastic consequences. Despite the relative ease in which an accident can occur, a driver in Missouri now faces accusations of drunk driving following a collision with a state trooper's car.

Reports claim Missouri man confessed to murder

When a crime happens in a small community, there is often a desperate need for answers. Such a desire is understandable, although it can often lead to a rush to judgment and, potentially, unlawful treatment. Despite the recent arrest of a Missouri man who is now charged with murder, it is unclear how police connected him to the crime.

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