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Man accused of drunk driving following Missouri crash

Most everyone who has driven in Missouri has likely encountered a motorcycle while on the roads. Unfortunately, because of their smaller size, even the safest of drivers could overlook one. In fact, a recent crash has resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. The other driver involved is now accused of drunk driving.

Missouri man charged with murder in father's death

When a crime occurs, police are often left to put together the pieces of a puzzle to determine what exactly happened. Even though some scenes are complicated, police often come to a conclusion before they have even had an opportunity to fully examine all of the available evidence. In fact, a man in Missouri has recently found himself facing a murder charge following the death of his father.

White collar crimes: Missouri man accused of fraud

Making investments inherently carries a certain degree of risk. While a person could potentially make a great deal of profit, he or she could also lose everything. Unfortunately, federal officials claim that a man in Missouri defrauded people that he convinced to invest in his company. He now faces accusations of white collar crimes.

Missouri man accused of drunk driving blames blood sugar

The human body works in mysterious ways. Often, a person's body can respond to certain conditions -- such as high blood sugar -- in a manner that is unexpected. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri claims that behaviors police interpreted as being alcohol-related were actually caused by his high blood sugar. However, he now faces accusations of drunk driving.

Feds issue new guidelines on forensic evidence

There are many ways to prove innocence or guilt. On TV, it often comes down to a dedicated detective and forensic science who uses fingerprints, bite marks or hair samples to make the case. The idea in these cases is that the evidence is unique to a lone individual. The process of elimination says only this person could have committed the crime.

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