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Missouri man accused of DWI following crash

Car accidents happen in Missouri for a variety of different reasons. The time it takes to change a radio station or check a text message, for examples, is all the distraction that is needed to cause an accident. However, it may be easy for law enforcements officers to assume that a person is under the influence of alcohol when an accident occurs at a certain time of day. In fact, one young man is suspected of DWI following a recent crash.

Prepare your kid for the next school year with these tips

Summer is upon us. The sun is shining brightly in Missouri and the heat has come with it. School is about to let out, and your child is more than ready for summer vacation. You’ve lined up some activities, a list of chores and made plans to keep them occupied over the summer. While summer is just beginning, as a parent, you are already thinking ahead to the next school year.

Missouri man accused of roommate's murder

For many people in Missouri, sharing a dwelling with a roommate can have some complications. However, while some will argue about who is going to do the dishes, it is rare that violence occurs. Despite this, a man in Missouri has recently been taken into custody and is being held following the alleged murder of his roommate.

Drunk driving accusations made following fatal Missouri crash

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of traveling by motor vehicle. Even though the majority of drivers on Missouri roads are committed to safety, even a slight miscalculation can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, a recent crash has resulted in two fatalities and an arrest following accusations of drunk driving.

Missouri school security guard charged with assault

Anyone who has worked in a school system knows of the challenges that these workers face. However, despite the known challenges, most employees respond professionally and within the scope of their training as they encounter issues throughout the day. Unfortunately, a security guard at a school in Missouri was recently charged with assault following an alleged interaction with a teenager.

Missouri man charged with possession of drugs after fatal crash

A car accident can happen under the best of circumstances. Even drivers who are fully committed to safety may be unable to respond to an unexpected obstacle -- such as a pedestrian running across the interstate -- in time to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, a Missouri man now faces multiple criminal charges, including possession of drugs, after police say he was involved in a fatal crash.

Could a minor drug charge keep your child out of college for good?

There aren’t many moments of greater pride in a parent’s life than when you get to see your child achieve their academic goals. It reminds you that you’ve raised them right, and gives you the peace of mind that they are on the path of happiness and fulfillment. Everyone makes mistakes, though, and even a minor legal violation can have major repercussions on your child’s future.

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