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Could a minor drug charge keep your child out of college for good?

There aren’t many moments of greater pride in a parent’s life than when you get to see your child achieve their academic goals. It reminds you that you’ve raised them right, and gives you the peace of mind that they are on the path of happiness and fulfillment. Everyone makes mistakes, though, and even a minor legal violation can have major repercussions on your child’s future.

Drug charges are becoming more prevalent, especially with the prevalence of study drugs. Colleges and even high schools have become more competitive, and students are turning to prescription stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall to keep up with their classmates.

If your child is caught with these illegal prescriptions, it could mean colleges closing their doors to them for good. It doesn’t need to be like that, though.

Financial aid

One of the biggest limiting factors for many students is the cost of college tuition. Millions of students rely on state and federal aid each year to help cover these debts. Unfortunately, eligibility for federal student aid in the form of grants, student loans and work-study programs may be loses after a criminal conviction. While they may regain eligibility to the program, it is often a long difficult process.

Admissions background checks

There is an increasing trend among universities to conduct background checks on potential students. The Chronicle reported that over half of all colleges factor a student’s criminal record into the admissions approval process. While few colleges have formal policies in place to bar applicants with criminal records, barely a third of admissions staffs know how to properly interpret criminal records.

This means that even if your child has covered considerable ground since a drug charge, admissions may pass their application entirely because they don’t know how to properly read a record.

Protect yourself

This doesn’t have to be the situation your child faces due to a drug charge. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can speak with the police on your behalf and find out what the real story was. With their expert help, your child may see charges reduced or even dropped. And if necessary, take the case to trial to properly defend their rights and future.

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Could a minor drug charge keep your child out of college for good? | The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith