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Missouri church employee accused of theft

Many organizations -- regardless of their overall purpose -- often have processes in place that require oversight on any expenditures made. These measures are primarily in place to protect the organization's finances  but could also ultimately protect an employee who handles the money from accusations of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, a secretary at a church in Missouri now faces accusations of theft from the church she served.

Obtaining restricted driving privileges in Missouri after a DWI

You made a mistake, and you decided to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Based on your BAC level, an officer charged you with a DWI. You worry significantly about how the penalties will affect your life, but you know that a suspended license will bring undue hardship to your livelihood.

Discovery of body in Missouri leads to murder charge

Regardless of what criminal charge a person is facing, he or she is presumed innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided that proves otherwise. Even when police and other law enforcement authorities make statements that make it seem as if a person is definitively guilty, they must provide evidence for their claims. At this time, however, it is unclear what evidence supports the claims that a man committed the murder of woman whose body was discovered in Missouri.

Dancing driver in Missouri accused of drunk driving

It is almost always nerve-wracking for drivers to look in their rear-view mirrors and notice the flashing lights of a police vehicle. While the instinct of some may be to immediately hit their brakes, not everyone responds with fear. In fact, police have accused a driver in Missouri of drunk driving after he allegedly began dancing after he was pulled over.

Missouri teen accused of murder in parents' death

The vast majority of teenagers in Missouri and across the country likely experience some degree of conflict with their parents. Often, adolescents may be unable to appropriately express their emotions following a dispute, but conflict rarely results in violence. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials have recently charged a teenager of murder following the death of her parents.

Missouri police search for woman accused of theft from dog rescue

There are multiple different organizations in Missouri and across the country dedicated to helping. Each organization has different goals, with some focused on helping animals. Unfortunately, a dog rescue now claims that it was the victim of theft.

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