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Missouri investigation leads to drug charges against 2

For many people in Missouri and across the country, the prospect of responding to criminal allegations is daunting, especially those who have little legal training or experience. Often, people facing criminal charges feel as if they do not have the necessary information to make informed decisions or the knowledge to appropriately respond to unlawful actions. In fact, two people who are now facingĀ drug charges are likely wondering about their legal options following their recent arrest.

Reports claim that the arrests occurred on a day in March as part of an investigation conducted by a drug task force. According to reports, a confidential informant bought $100 of methamphetamine from one of the defendants, a 53-year-old man. Following the alleged purchase, police reportedly conducted a search at the address where they claim the sale occurred.

Police say that during the search, they discovered "drug-related items" that they claim tested positive in the field for methamphetamine. In addition to the charges against the man, a 30-year-old woman was arrested, but her connection to the case is unclear. Both are charged with delivery of a controlled substance, a felony, as well as a misdemeanor.

Unfortunately, drug charges can have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. If convicted, the record could follow them, limiting job and home opportunities in the future. Because of this, many people in Missouri choose to seek guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. With such a person guiding them throughout their process, defendants in such cases often feel better prepared to make the decisions that will change their lives.

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Missouri investigation leads to drug charges against 2 | The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith