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Understanding Evidence in a Criminal Trial 

Evidence is the foundation of any criminal case. Without evidence that proves a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecution cannot secure a conviction. Evidence plays a pivotal role in a criminal trial and can be a determining factor in establishing guilt.    If you are arrested or being investigated in connection with a crime, you need to understand what…

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Defining “Affirmative Consent” for Sexual Activity

We’ve all been told and inherently know that in order to have sex with another person, you must and should have their consent. The problem lies in defining what consent means. Is mutual physical attraction enough without anyone saying “yes”? If someone says “yes,” what all does that consent apply to? Affirmative consent should be obtained every step of the…

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Understanding DWI Tests

Under Missouri DWI laws, all motorists are prohibited from operating or being in “actual physical control” of a motor vehicle while in an intoxicated condition. On suspicion or reasonable belief of driving while intoxicated, a police officer may pull your vehicle over and request that you submit to DWI tests (chemical tests or field sobriety tests). Unfortunately, a lot of…

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A criminal charge can lead to serious consequences if you’re convicted. Not only are incarceration and fines possible, but even probation can change your life and severely limit your freedoms. On top of that, a criminal record can haunt you for the remainder of your life, making it difficult to land your dream job—or any meaningful job—and prevent you from…

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If you’re facing criminal charges, you’re likely feeling nervous about the penalties you may be facing. Perhaps the most frightening prospect is the possibility of jail time. However, in some cases, there may be alternatives to incarceration depending on your charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you understand your choices and work on your behalf to potentially reduce…

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Parenting children is an enormous responsibility. If your minor child causes property damage or injury to someone else, can you be held legally responsible? Like most states, Missouri has parental responsibility laws that can hold parents civilly responsible for their child’s actions under certain circumstances. The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith can tell you when those circumstances apply and…

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