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Missouri internet relationship leads to rape charge

The internet has opened many opportunities to people in Missouri and across the world. People in Missouri now have access to more products without driving long distances and are able to more easily and inexpensively maintain contact with people from various different places around the globe. However, the internet does come with some pitfalls. In fact, a teenager is now accused of statutory rape in connection to his reported relationship with a younger girl.

Worker at Missouri care facility charged with statutory rape

Some people have struggles in life. For many, these struggles start at a young age, resulting in interventions such as a stay at a facility that provides behavioral health services. Unfortunately, officials in Missouri have accused an employee at such a facility of statutory rape as a result of his alleged relationship with a teenager who resides at the facility.

Allegations of statutory rape lead to arrest in Missouri

Any accusations involving sex crimes deserve a serious investigation. However, regardless of the claims against him or her, a person is presumed innocent unless there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Often, this high standard is difficult to meet with such accusations. Unfortunately, one Missouri man is currently being held after he was accused of statutory rape.

Missouri teen's claims leads to statutory rape arrest

The internet has opened up a whole new world for people who have access to it. In addition to accessing information they could not have easily done before, people are able to make friends that live across the country or would otherwise have difficulty meeting. Unfortunately, such access does have some pitfalls. For example, many people may be unsure if the people they are meeting are truthful about their personal information, including their age. One man in Missouri was recently accused of statutory rape after a teenager he allegedly met online told police they had a sexual relationship.

Man sentenced for internet sex crimes, wife files for divorce

Missouri law is aggressive in its efforts to protect children. When law enforcement officers believe someone is committing internet sex crimes or other unlawful acts against minors, they sometimes set up a sting operation to investigate the situation. This occurred in March 2016, when a crime analyst posed as a young  girl online.

Girl in Missouri reports possible internet sex crimes

Many people in Missouri may relate to leaving their Facebook accounts logged on by mistake, thereby giving anyone who may use the device access to the account. One girl borrowed her sister's phone and logged into her own Facebook account. When she gave the phone back to her sister, she failed to log out of Facebook, causing her sister to become suspicious of possible internet sex crimes when she read messages contained in the account that was still showing on the phone.

Missouri man sentenced for internet sex crimes

Many people in Missouri and across the globe use computers and cellphones for all sorts of online activities. However, there are some situations where online actions may be prone to criminal charges and anyone participating in such activity is at risk. One man who was convicted of internet sex crimes was recently sentenced for his offenses.

Missouri internet sex crimes: Ads for sex acts part of new law

Missouri law is about to change, effective August 28. Apparently, the new law states that internet sex crimes and other sex-related offenses will include advertisements that promote sex acts. Nevertheless, being accused of sex crimes and being convicted are two very different things. Often, presenting a strong defense in court significantly impacts the outcome.

Protestant preacher in Missouri will do time for statutory rape

Many Missouri parents have entrusted their children to the spiritual care of youth ministers in their churches. Protestant congregations often have tremendous membership numbers, with hundreds, if not thousands, of area youth coming together for activities, field trips and worship services. One can only imagine the depth of a parent's grief to learn that a child has been assaulted in statutory rape by someone the family trusted.

Several people tell different stories re suspected rape incident

A group of people who apparently gathered together on Super Bowl Sunday 2016 are now being questioned by authorities with regard to a suspected sexual assault that supposedly took place that day. Specifically, one of those involved, a 27-year-old man, is accused of felony rape. A 54-year-old man was also reportedly arrested in connection with the Missouri incident.

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