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6 plead guilty in Missouri fraud case

When facing criminal charges, many people feel unprepared to make the decisions that will likely have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. In fact, six men in Missouri who recently pleaded guilty to charges related to a fraud case likely felt unsure about their options at the beginning of the criminal justice process. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help in similar circumstances. 

Audit in Missouri city leads to fraud accusations

When a job requires a person to handle money -- especially municipal money -- the employee could be vulnerable to criminal allegations should money later turn up missing, regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, a man who served as the manager of one Missouri city's accounts now finds himself facing accusations of fraud. The accusations followed an audit.

Federal grand jury indicts Missouri woman for fraud

When a person is accused of a crime, it may be easy to immediately assume his or her guilt. However, in all cases, a person is presumed innocent unless and until sufficient evidence is provided in court to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, those who face criminal charges may be unaware of their legal options. In fact, a Missouri woman recently indicted on fraud charges is likely considering how to respond to the allegations.

Missouri man sentenced following white collar crimes accusation

As many people in Missouri are aware, running a small business can be complicated. The focus of many business owners is on ensuring the success of their business, often meaning that they prioritize their meetings with their clients or otherwise meeting the needs of their clients over bookkeeping. Unfortunately, this prioritization could ultimately result in accusations of committing white collar crimes under certain circumstances.

Missouri fire department secretary accused of embezzlement

Being in charge of an organization's finances is a large responsibility. Any mistakes that are made could not only impact the organization but could also leave a treasurer susceptible to criminal allegations. In fact, a woman who served as the secretary of a volunteer fire department in Missouri is now accused of embezzlement.

Missouri man pleads guilty to embezzlement scheme

There are times when a person may act in a way, without fully realizing the implications of their actions, that could leave them in a precarious legal situation. For example, a person who takes debris from a construction site may not fully realize he or she could be charged with a crime. Despite this, a Missouri man has recently pleaded guilty after being accused of embezzlement.

Company's CFO charged with fraud in Missouri

Those who have positions of power in a company have multiple important decisions to make that could ultimately impact a company's success and the jobs of several people. Unfortunately, those in such positions also face additional scrutiny should something go wrong -- such as if money goes missing. Unfortunately, a chief financial officer in Missouri now faces accusations of fraud.

Sale of dental insurance plan leads to fraud accusations

Most people would admit that a job that requires a direct sale to clients has its challenges. However, many people who work in such a position excel at what they do and are able to succeed in their chosen profession. Unfortunately, police in Missouri claim that a man who sold dental insurance policies was actually involved in a fraud scheme.

Missouri woman accused of fraud

There are many workers in Missouri who are dedicated to performing their job tasks as expected. However, even the most dedicated employees are capable of making mistakes. Unfortunately, if those mistakes ultimately lead to the loss of money, employees could find themselves facing accusations of fraud. In fact, a former employee of an excavating company has recently been charged.

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