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Criminal Defense & Federal Crimes Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

A criminal charge of any kind can turn your life upside down. When the charge reaches the federal level, the situation only becomes more intense with the possibility of harsher penalties. At The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, I provide individuals with aggressive representation against a variety of criminal charges. Contact my office today for help!

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I pride myself on bringing a different approach to criminal defense. With a Master's Degree in Forensic Science and experience as a DNA analyst, I have a unique understanding of evidence and how it can be used by both the prosecution and the defense in court.

As an experienced litigator, I'm proud to defend my clients in a wide range of criminal cases, including charges involving federal crimes and juvenile cases. With my knowledge of criminal law, you can rest assured that you have an experienced attorney on your side.

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Are You Facing
Criminal Charges?

You Need a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

It's natural to feel intimidated and uncertain when facing criminal charges. A conviction could cause devastating damage to your freedom and your future, not to mention your personal and professional lives. With so much at stake, you deserve to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side fighting to protect your rights and your future. That's why I've devoted my entire career to helping individuals fight back against the criminal charges brought against them.

How My Experience Can Help

  • Person

    A Unique Perspective

    There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys out there, but having a lawyer with a scientific background can give you and your case an advantage in analyzing and presenting evidence in your defense.

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    Focused on Criminal Defense

    I dedicate 100% of my practice to criminal law. Staying updated and informed about new developments in the criminal justice system plays a key role in providing you with a strong and effective defense.

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    Aggressive in the Courtroom

    While the prosecution will try to push you into taking a deal, I won't hesitate to take your case to trial. I will fight aggressively for you in the courtroom as we pursue the most favorable outcome available for your case.

Let Me Fight to Protect Your Rights

What You Can Expect When You Work with Me

Knowledgeable Guidance

No matter what charges you are facing, you can have confidence knowing that you have an attorney who understands the complexities of the law and how to use them to your advantage.

Personalized Attention

My experience has taught me that no two clients or their cases are exactly alike. As a solo practitioner, I will always give you and your case the focused attention you deserve.

Accessible Representation

With your future riding on the outcome of your case, you need an attorney who will be available to answer your questions and explain all of your available legal options at any time.

No Matter What You've Been Charged With, You Still Have Rights.

Regardless of what type of criminal charges your facing — misdemeanor, felony, juvenile crimes, or federal crimes — you have the right to a fair and honest legal defense. I will work with you to understand the circumstances of your case, develop a detailed strategy, and lead you step by step through the legal process. Call my office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how I can help with your case.