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Former Missouri officer charged with DWI in fatal crash

Most people recognize the importance of stop signs. Unfortunately, even the most careful drivers can sometimes overlook a traffic sign while driving. Reports indicate that a former police officer in Missouri is now facing multiple criminal charges, including DWI, following a fatal crash that is believed to have been caused by failure to obey a stop sign.

Missouri man accused of DWI after allegedly hitting pedestrian

Most drivers have experienced a moment when his or her vehicle drifted off the side of the road. Typically, this sort of incident ends with the driver making a correction and continuing on his or her way. However, police claim that an accident in which a driver drove off the side of a road in Missouri was intentional; now the man faces DWI charges, among others.

Missouri accident causes serious injuries, DWI accusations

When accused of a crime, there are multiple decisions that must be made that will likely have a significant impact on the rest of a person's life. While handling this situation alone is difficult enough, having injuries on top of such an already stressful situation can create even more difficulties. For example, a man in Missouri is now left to make major decisions after he was charged with DWI, all while recovering from serious injuries he suffered in a car accident.

Missouri police suspect drunk driving, leads to pursuit, crash

It is often difficult to determine what might be running through a person's mind when faced with confrontations with law enforcement officers. Some people may act instinctively, which could lead to a complicated legal situation. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is now facing such a scenario following a pursuit that occurred after police say they received reports of drunk driving.

Missouri traffic stop leads to DWI, other charges

It is understandable that some people may panic when facing a confrontation with a law enforcement officer or other authority figure. That panic could potentially lead to an action that could be misinterpreted. In fact, police in Missouri claim that one man fled a traffic stop; he now faces DWI and multiple other criminal charges.

DWI suspected in Missouri car accident

A car accident can happen quickly, often before drivers have an opportunity to even attempt to respond to changing conditions. Even something as simple as adjusting the volume of the radio can cause a sufficient distraction to allow an accident. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers may be quick to assume that an accident is the result of a driver who was driving while intoxicated, or DWI.

DWI charges follow 2-vehicle accident in Missouri

Because drivers in Missouri spend so much time on the road, it may be easy to take for granted certain issues surrounding driving. For example, something as simple as failing to notice a red light can have serious consequences, even though such an event can easily occur. In fact, a man in Missouri is now facing a DWI charge following a recent collision involving a missed traffic light.

DWI charges follow fatal Missouri car accident

In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, there is an understandable need to investigate the events leading up to it and, perhaps, identify someone on which to place blame. Despite this desire, there must be evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for someone to be convicted of charges related to an accident, especially because many accidents are the result of a simple oversight of a driver. In fact, it is unclear what supports the DWI charges a man in Missouri is now facing.

Police say Missouri woman was DWI with children in the car

It is relatively easy to become disoriented when driving. A missed turn or turning too early could quickly lead someone down the wrong road. Despite this possibility, police in Missouri have accused a woman of DWI. She now faces multiple criminal charges.

Fatal crash in Missouri leads to drunk driving allegations

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any moment of the day. While some are the result of a driver who is under the influence, many accidents occur due to a single moment of distraction. Unfortunately, police believe that drunk driving was a factor in a recent accident in Missouri that resulted in a fatality.

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