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Search at local Missouri business leads to drug charges

In many cases, the reason why a person faces criminal charges may seem fairly obvious. In others, however, it may not seem as clear. For example, a man in Missouri now faces drug charges after law enforcement officials served a search warrant on a business.

Suspicious package in Missouri leads to drug charges

When a package is shipped between two states via the United States Postal Service, there is the potential that it will ultimately go through the hands of several postal workers. Throughout their career, postal workers likely encounter a number of different items -- both expected and unexpected. Unfortunately, officials in Missouri claim that a package that was allegedly suspicious has resulted in drug charges against two men.

Missouri man charged with possession of drugs after fatal crash

A car accident can happen under the best of circumstances. Even drivers who are fully committed to safety may be unable to respond to an unexpected obstacle -- such as a pedestrian running across the interstate -- in time to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, a Missouri man now faces multiple criminal charges, including possession of drugs, after police say he was involved in a fatal crash.

Possession of drugs charged re crate delivery in Missouri

With the advent of online shopping, it is fairly common for packages to be delivered to residences on a regular basis. Apparently for some police in Missouri, a delivered package is cause to suspect that a crime is being committed. In fact, police conducted a search of a home after they claim to have witnessed marijuana being delivered. A father and son are now charged with possession of drugs as a result of the search.

Missouri man charged with possession of drugs

Anyone can can make an accusation about another person to police. That accusation could be based on an actual concern or suspicion, or simply the accuser's desire to cause problems for another person. Regardless, police in Missouri say that they arrested a man for possession of drugs after receiving a call about suspicious behavior.

Missouri man charged with possession of drugs after chase

Police in Missouri and other areas of the country claim to be waging a war against drugs. While their desire to remove drugs from the streets may be admirable, violating a suspect's rights in the process of doing so is not. A man who was recently charged with possession of drugs may decide to take steps to ensure that he was treated lawfully prior to and following his arrest.

Possession of drugs charges follow Missouri traffic stop

Because most people have relatively little legal experience, many drivers who are pulled over by a police officer may be unaware of their legal rights. For example, refusing an officer's request to search a vehicle when he or she does not have a warrant may be the best choice. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is now accused of possession of drugs following a traffic stop.

Criminal law: 2 overdoses in Missouri lead to arrests, charges

Because of the stigma associated with recreational drug use, police in many different areas often go aggressively after those they suspect of using or selling drugs. While their zealousness can be admired by some, a person cannot be convicted of a criminal charge unless there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because the average person in Missouri has little experience with criminal law, assistance may be needed when facing accusations regarding possession or delivery of illicit drugs.

Missouri robbery suspects accused of possession of drugs

When a person is charged with a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard is purposefully set high in order to prevent wrongful convictions. As a result, simply being in the area when a crime allegedly occurs is likely insufficient to meet this high standard. Unfortunately, two men in Missouri have recently been arrested after accusations of a robbery. They are now accused of possession of drugs in addition to charges related to the alleged robbery.

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