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Victim's, defendant's accounts differ in Missouri assault case

When an incident that is believed to involve a crime happens, police are often left to make decisions regarding who is at fault based on the reports of those involved in the incident. When details conflict, they may make a decision regarding whose version they think is most reliable, often with little information to support their final conclusion. For example, a woman in Missouri is now facing assault charges involving an incident in which she claims the alleged victim attacked her first.

Man charged with murder after Missouri police pursuit

Interactions with law enforcement officers can be intimidating regardless of the circumstances. As such, some people who face a confrontation may react out of fear. Unfortunately, reports in Missouri claim that a police pursuit involving a driver police say was attempting to elude them resulted in a fatality. Now, a man faces multiple felony charges as a result, including murder.

Alleged Missouri road rage incident leads to assault charge

Anyone who has spent any time driving a vehicle has likely experienced an incident when an unsafe maneuver occurred. Likewise, many drivers in Missouri have likely also been accused of performing an unsafe act that they may not believe was unsafe. Either scenario could potentially result in a road rage incident. In fact, a man is currently behind bars, accused of assault, due to the allegations he faces in a road rage incident.

Missouri man charged with murder after fatal house fire

When a tragedy occurs, there is an understandable need for answers. While this need is often accompanied by a desire for justice, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for someone to be convicted of a crime. Despite this, it is unclear what evidence supports the murder charge a Missouri man is now facing following a fatal house fire.

Former Missouri police officer charged with domestic assault

A relationship with a romantic partner can contain turmoil and conflict, even for couples who are relatively happy with their relationship. However, even couples who are prone to argue with one another rarely turn to violence. Despite this, a former police officer in Missouri is now facing charges related to alleged domestic assault incidents.

Man charged with assault, other allegations after altercation

Feeling panicked at a particular moment can cause people to act hastily. They may not think about their actions at the time, but those actions could end up costing them dearly. In some cases, individuals could be charged with assault if they acted in a violent manner in a moment of panic.

Report of missing Missouri man leads to murder charges

There are few things more daunting than being the subject of a police investigation. Often, those in such a predicament may feel obligated to answer police questions even though they do not have an attorney advising them. However, any information they provide can be used against them. A man in Missouri is now likely wondering about his legal options after his recent arrest on murder charges, among others.

Former Missouri police chief charged with assault

There is no doubt that law enforcement officers have difficult jobs. Not only do they face physical harm, but they often witness incidents that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, a former police chief in Missouri now faces assault charges, following an incident reportedly involving the father of a child the law enforcement officer had rescued from a pond.

Missouri man accused of murder in case of missing brothers

Running a business can be a difficult enterprise, especially when that business involves the care of livestock. Often, unexpected circumstances can arise that could negatively impact the health of the animals, ultimately threatening the success of the business. Unfortunately, police claim that money allegedly owed in a business arrangement involving livestock is at the center of a case that led to murder charges against a man in Missouri. 

Missouri man accused of assault after teen breaks into car

Most people in Missouri work hard to buy the things they own. As such, it may be difficult to predict how people might respond when their personal property -- and, potentially, their personal safety -- are under threat, especially if they believe there is a weapon involved. Unfortunately, a man now faces an assault charge after he allegedly shot a teenager who he caught breaking into a vehicle on his property.

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