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Missouri teen accused of murder in parents' death

The vast majority of teenagers in Missouri and across the country likely experience some degree of conflict with their parents. Often, adolescents may be unable to appropriately express their emotions following a dispute, but conflict rarely results in violence. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials have recently charged a teenager of murder following the death of her parents.

Missouri man charged with assault, arson

When a crime is believed to have been committed, police often want to quickly make an arrest. However, it often takes time to gather sufficient evidence to truly understand what happened and why. Often, when an arrest is quickly made, it happens without a full picture of actual events. For example, there are many unanswered questions following the recent arrest of man in Missouri on assault and arson charges.

Investigation ongoing in Missouri despite murder charge

When a person dies under suspicious circumstances, both surviving family members and the community as a whole wants -- understandably -- answers. However, in the haste to provide these answers, it may be easy for law enforcement officials to fail to address certain issues surrounding a case. For example, there are many unanswered questions after a man in Missouri was charged with murder.

Murder, other charges filed in death of disabled Missouri man

When a person dies in a mysterious way, the demand for answers and justice is understandable. Unfortunately, as more time passes it may be more difficult to answers these questions and provide evidence to support speculation. Despite over a year passing since the discovery of a man's body, five people in Missouri now face charges, including accusations of murder, related to his death.

Missouri police claim family dispute led to murder

Families are complex. Often, emotions can run high and what may seem to be relatively minor disputes to outsiders can actually hold a great deal of hurt and anger. Unfortunately, police in Missouri believe that a dispute between two family members led to murder.

Missouri man accused of roommate's murder

For many people in Missouri, sharing a dwelling with a roommate can have some complications. However, while some will argue about who is going to do the dishes, it is rare that violence occurs. Despite this, a man in Missouri has recently been taken into custody and is being held following the alleged murder of his roommate.

Missouri school security guard charged with assault

Anyone who has worked in a school system knows of the challenges that these workers face. However, despite the known challenges, most employees respond professionally and within the scope of their training as they encounter issues throughout the day. Unfortunately, a security guard at a school in Missouri was recently charged with assault following an alleged interaction with a teenager.

Missouri man charged with murder in father's death

When a crime occurs, police are often left to put together the pieces of a puzzle to determine what exactly happened. Even though some scenes are complicated, police often come to a conclusion before they have even had an opportunity to fully examine all of the available evidence. In fact, a man in Missouri has recently found himself facing a murder charge following the death of his father.

Many questions unanswered in Missouri murder investigation

When a person loses a loved one unexpectedly, there is an understandable desire for answers. However, police in Missouri have provided few answers in the recent death of an elderly woman other than to claim that she was the victim of a crime. Despite this, a man has been arrested and accused of murder.

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