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Missouri woman hit by wrong-way vehicle accused of drunk driving

There are many actions that a driver can take to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, there is often little a person can do when a wrong-way driver is headed in his or her direction. In fact, police reports indicate that a woman in Missouri is suspected of driving the wrong way and causing a collision. However, the woman driving the vehicle the alleged wrong-way driver struck now faces drunk driving charges.

Missouri wrong-way accident results in drunk driving arrest

Anyone who has driven late at night -- even on familiar roads -- likely knows how easy it is to become disoriented. Such disorientation could make it easy to make a wrong turn, potentially causing an accident. Unfortunately, police in Missouri claim that a driver was drunk driving when he headed the wrong way on an interstate and caused an accident that injured two people.

Drunk driving charges following injury of Missouri pedestrian

Car accidents happen every day in Missouri and other states. While certain measures are in place in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents and the impact of those that do occur, the risk cannot be completely eliminated. Though they can occur for a variety of different reasons, it may be easy for police to assume that drunk driving was involved.

Dancing driver in Missouri accused of drunk driving

It is almost always nerve-wracking for drivers to look in their rear-view mirrors and notice the flashing lights of a police vehicle. While the instinct of some may be to immediately hit their brakes, not everyone responds with fear. In fact, police have accused a driver in Missouri of drunk driving after he allegedly began dancing after he was pulled over.

Drunk driving claim after Missouri crash with serious injuries

It may be difficult to accurately estimate the number people who been saved from serious injuries or from losing their lives due to the use of safety belts. Though many people in Missouri benefit from these safety devices, they are only effective if a driver or passenger chooses to utilize them. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri now faces accusations of drunk driving and other related charges following a crash that left a passenger in his vehicle -- who was not wearing a safety belt -- suffering serious injuries.

Missouri man's DWI conviction is overturned by appeals court

When it comes to law enforcement officials, there are many in Missouri who are committed to ensuring that justice is served. Unfortunately, there are also those are who committed to obtaining a conviction regardless of the evidence in a case. However, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict the individual, despite any past interactions with the law. For example, it cannot be assumed that a person was DWI simply because he or she was previously convicted of doing so.

Missouri man accused of DWI following crash

Car accidents happen in Missouri for a variety of different reasons. The time it takes to change a radio station or check a text message, for examples, is all the distraction that is needed to cause an accident. However, it may be easy for law enforcements officers to assume that a person is under the influence of alcohol when an accident occurs at a certain time of day. In fact, one young man is suspected of DWI following a recent crash.

Drunk driving accusations made following fatal Missouri crash

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of traveling by motor vehicle. Even though the majority of drivers on Missouri roads are committed to safety, even a slight miscalculation can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, a recent crash has resulted in two fatalities and an arrest following accusations of drunk driving.

Man accused of drunk driving following Missouri crash

Most everyone who has driven in Missouri has likely encountered a motorcycle while on the roads. Unfortunately, because of their smaller size, even the safest of drivers could overlook one. In fact, a recent crash has resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. The other driver involved is now accused of drunk driving.

Missouri man accused of drunk driving blames blood sugar

The human body works in mysterious ways. Often, a person's body can respond to certain conditions -- such as high blood sugar -- in a manner that is unexpected. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri claims that behaviors police interpreted as being alcohol-related were actually caused by his high blood sugar. However, he now faces accusations of drunk driving.

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