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Drug Charges Archives

Criminal law: 2 overdoses in Missouri lead to arrests, charges

Because of the stigma associated with recreational drug use, police in many different areas often go aggressively after those they suspect of using or selling drugs. While their zealousness can be admired by some, a person cannot be convicted of a criminal charge unless there is sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because the average person in Missouri has little experience with criminal law, assistance may be needed when facing accusations regarding possession or delivery of illicit drugs.

Missouri robbery suspects accused of possession of drugs

When a person is charged with a crime, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard is purposefully set high in order to prevent wrongful convictions. As a result, simply being in the area when a crime allegedly occurs is likely insufficient to meet this high standard. Unfortunately, two men in Missouri have recently been arrested after accusations of a robbery. They are now accused of possession of drugs in addition to charges related to the alleged robbery.

Criminal law: 2 Missouri men plead guilty to drug charges

A person who is facing criminal charges in Missouri often has many decisions to make -- decisions that will likely have a major impact on the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the average person has little experience with matters of criminal law, leaving them unprepared to make informed decisions if they are accused of a crime. As a result, they seek guidance from professionals who do have such experience.

Missouri woman charged with possession of drugs, DWI

Every single driver has had a moment while driving in which they drifted into oncoming lanes of traffic. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including because they are reaching for a dropped item or adjusting the radio station. Fortunately, most drivers are able to quickly correct their vehicle without causing an accident. However, one Missouri woman now faces multiple criminal charges, including possession of drugs, presumably after she drifted across a dividing line in the roadway.

Search leads to possession of drugs, other charges in Missouri

Many people have made mistakes in their lives. For some people, these mistakes have resulted in time spent in prison. Unfortunately, even when people work hard to overcome their past, they can still face unfounded suspicions. One man in Missouri who was previously convicted now faces several charges, including accusations about possession of drugs.

Missouri hotel search leads to charge of possession of drugs

Those in Missouri who have spent any time at a hotel are likely aware that many different people have access to their hotel rooms. In fact, it may be impossible to know exactly how many people have the ability to enter a room. Despite this, a woman was recently arrested and charged with possession of drugs after police searched her hotel room.

Criminal law: Missouri traffic stop leads to drug charges

As most people in Missouri are aware, the federal Constitution provides them with certain protections, including protection from unreasonable searches. However, if a police officer claims that he or she smells marijuana in a vehicle, that could prompt the officer to initiate a search -- solely based on the officer's alleged sense of smell -- potentially creating criminal law issues for someone. One man who was traveling through the state was recently arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop.

Possession of drugs lands a Missouri man behind bars

Chances are, if Missouri police suspect someone of illegal drug activity, they are going to aggressively pursue the matter. If, at some point, an arrest is made and charges filed, the person accused will have his/her work cut out to avoid conviction. Penalties under conviction for possession of drugs often involve extended prison sentences, as one man recently learned.

Various options possible for defense against possession of drugs

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Missouri presents several challenges with regard to defense. If a person is charged for possession of drugs, drug manufacturing or distribution, it can have an immediate negative impact on all aspects of that person's life. In such situations, it is never too soon to begin exploring all possible options for building a strong defense.

Criminal law efforts needed when charges span various states

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Missouri is no small matter. Recent developments in this area suggest that criminal law guidance may be needed by defendants in several different states, including this one. Authorities have drawn connections between arrests in various areas as being connected to the same drug trafficking ring.

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