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Drug Charges Archives

High roller man named in criminal law situation in Missouri

Law enforcement agents have made formal accusations against a man in Missouri that carry potentially serious penalties if he is convicted. Three others were also apparently charged in the criminal law situation. Substantial amounts of drugs were said to be involved in the case.

2 men in Missouri accused of possession of drugs

Two arrests took place in Missouri on a recent Tuesday related to allegations of illicit drug activities. The men accused now face multiple charges, including possession of drugs and distribution of a controlled substance. The men, ages 29 and 24, are accused of dealing drugs from a central-city apartment.

Man sentenced after pleading guilty to possession of drugs

Authorities say that a recent search resulted in the discovery of cocaine and marijuana in the pocket of a man's shorts at an apartment in Missouri. The shorts were apparently identified as his because his driver's license was supposedly in the pocket as well. The man was charged with possession of drugs.

Possession of drugs among recent charges filed in Missouri

Authorities claim that a circuit judge issued a search warrant for a particular Missouri residence on a recent Monday evening. Agents allegedly serving the warrant entered the residence and afterward placed a man under arrest. There are several charges against him, including possession of drugs.

Missouri traffic stop results in possession of drugs charges

When Missouri police make a traffic stop, one can not make any assumptions about the events that will transpire. Sometimes, after a brief discussion with a driver, an officer will allow the driver to go, with no citations or tickets issued. Other times, however, what began as a minor traffic stop results in serious criminal charges. This seems to have been the case in a recent incident on State Highway 62 where a woman was accused of possession of drugs.

Missouri law harsh toward those convicted of possession of drugs

There are various possible outcomes for those convicted of drug-related crimes in Missouri. A person convicted of possession of drugs may be sentenced to prison, penalized with substantial monetary fines and/or forced to forfeit any number of personal assets. It is typically beneficial to retain legal assistance in such matters so that an experienced attorney can act on your behalf in court.

Charges for possession of drugs filed in traffic stop in Missouri

Missouri deputies reported a recent incident that resulted in a man facing criminal charges after they pulled him over for several alleged traffic violations. The 33-year-old man is currently being held in jail on possession of drugs and a $3,500 cash only bond has been set. In all states, a person accused of criminal offenses is presumed innocent under the law unless proved otherwise in court.

Charged with possession of drugs in Missouri?

Facing criminal allegations involving controlled substances in Missouri is serious and can be very stressful. There are certain things to remember if you have been arrested for possession of drugs or other offenses. The most important is that you have personal rights.

Missouri man charged with possession of drugs

Facing a legal predicament can be an anxiety-inducing situation for individuals who have had charges brought against them. Some parties may have a difficult time understanding how charges for possession of drugs may affect them legally. As a result, they may want to find out more information about their situation and what options they have for approaching their legal cases.

Missouri residents charged due to alleged possession of drugs

When police conduct raids, it is often due to believing that alleged criminal activity could be taking place at a location. These situations could lead to multiple individuals being taken into custody for possession of drugs or other similar charges, and those parties will likely want to defend against the allegations brought against them. Creating a meaningful defense could have an impact on the outcomes of such cases.

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