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Missouri man denied bail in assault case

When people become involved with the criminal justice system, they are often left wondering about the process and their options. For example, a man in Missouri may be feeling a great deal of stress after his recent arrest in connection to an alleged assault. He is currently being held without bail.

Incident in Missouri results in assault charges

When a person is being questioned regarding possible involvement in a crime, he or she may be intimidated by authority figures and unaware of his or her rights. As a result, many people in Missouri request a lawyer during the earliest stages of an investigation. Such a professional can help those suspected of a crime fully understand the potential implications of the answers they provide police. Four people in Missouri have recently been charged with assault after police questioned one of the people they believe were involved in an alleged beating.

Missouri teen charged with assault after accusations of vandalism

It is difficult to be a teen. In addition to pressures related to performing well at school and making decisions that will impact the rest of their life, teens often face additional pressures from peers, coaches and teachers that most adults would cave under. Unfortunately, police say that a teenager in Missouri attacked a sheriff's deputy after he was questioned about an allegedly threatening message found on a whiteboard in a high school locker room, resulting in assault and other criminal charges.

Assault charge filed follow incident with sword in Missouri

People in Missouri and across the country often become embroiled in conflict. In most instances, this simply means that they become involved in a heated exchange of words. However, police in Missouri have arrested and charged a young man with assault following an alleged incident involving a samurai sword.

DWI charges follow Missouri car accident

It seems that a great deal of important decisions are made based on a person's actions following a car accident. If a driver appears dazed or struggles to respond appropriately, officials make assumptions regarding the person's sobriety. However, anyone who has been involved in a serious accident can likely attest to the fact that the body can react in mysterious ways following the stress of a crash. Unfortunately, one Missouri man is now facing a DWI charge following a crash that sent him and his passenger to the hospital.

Felony assault charges dropped in Missouri plea deal

Families can be complicated. Often, while family members have love and affection for one another, disputes in which family members are unable to come to an agreement can arise, resulting in serious conflict. However, one woman in Missouri claims that a argument with her brother led to an assault. The man recently pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

Missouri school fights may leave some creating a criminal defense

Young people may sometimes have trouble completely controlling their emotions. While in class in Missouri and across the country, they are often required to control their energy and emotions for hours on end. In addition, they are often required to spend a great deal of time around peers, some of whom they may not get along with. Under these circumstances, it may not be surprising that school fights occur. Unfortunately, a recent change in state law may leave some students who have done no more than call a classmate a name wondering about a criminal defense in response to felony charges.

How to determine which criminal defense strategy is best

Facing criminal charges in a Missouri court is seldom easy, and it can be downright unnerving. A person with no prior background in a courtroom may be confused as to what type of criminal defense may best fit a particular situation. Regardless of the type of crime in question, there are typically various options available for fighting against any and all charges in court.

Criminal defense resources for Missouri residents

For reasons not always clear, a Missouri resident may find himself or herself facing criminal charges at some point in life. Whether a particular situation involves allegations of drunk driving, theft, assault or other offense, trying to figure out how best to address the matter can be quite stressful. Fortunately, there are criminal defense resources available in the area.

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