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Assault charge leveled against Missouri store clerk

After being accused of an alleged crime, individuals will likely want to focus on creating a criminal defense. While moving forward, parties charged with assault may find it wise to explore various defensive practices to determine with what tactics they may be most comfortable. Because each situation is unique, individuals may want to assess their circumstances and better understand how their legal situations may be affected.

Assault charges leveled against man in Missouri

The severity of charges that an individual may face relating to alleged criminal activity may depend on the circumstances of the situation. For instance, an individual my face more serious charges if an assault on a police officer takes place than if a civilian was purportedly assaulted. The types of charges leveled against a party may impact the way he or she feels most comfortable handling the situation.

Expungement sometimes included in criminal defense in Missouri

Any Missouri resident who has ever been charged with a crime most likely understands the anxiety and fear that can arise in the aftermath of the incident. Many worry that a background check that shows a past arrest will become an obstacle as they attempt to begin their life anew. A criminal defense lawyer would typically be able to assess an individual case and determine whether the person involved might be eligible to seek an expungement of their record.

Man to begin criminal defense on murder accusations

A 24-year-old man has been arrested in Hazelwood after a 19-year-old man was killed. The Missouri authorities were led to arrest the suspect after analyzing the victim's Craigslist activity. Now, the suspect is likely exploring criminal defense options alongside his legal counsel.

3 expected to form criminal defense after traffic stop

Three men were recently arrested following a traffic stop in Marion County. An officer with the Missouri State Highway Patrol claimed that fake IDs and fraudulent credit cards were discovered in the vehicle. Now, each of three men is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense alongside legal counsel.

2 form criminal defense against car theft accusations

A young man and a minor were recently arrested in Jefferson City. The Missouri police have accused them of committing several car thefts in the area, and they each face multiple criminal charges. Alongside their respective legal counsel, each of the two individuals is likely focused on preparing his individual criminal defense against the charges.

3 to form criminal defense in alleged check fraud scheme

Three individuals were recently arrested in Columbia after a search warrant was executed on a residence. The Missouri law enforcement officers were initially searching for one individual who was suspected of forging numerous checks. Now, each of the three accused men is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense alongside legal counsel.

Youth director accused of statutory sodomy

A youth director for a Columbia church has recently been accused of some very serious charges. Missouri authorities claim that the 42-year-old man sexually assaulted a young girl. He faces multiple criminal charges, including statutory sodomy for his alleged criminal actions.

3 to begin criminal defense against second-degree murder charges

Three individuals were recently arrested in Hayti Heights, Missouri, after a stand off with local law enforcement. Each person who was arrested has been charged with second-degree murder, as well as other various charges. Despite the nature of the accusations each person faces, each individual will still have the option to form his criminal defense strategy in the manner in which he chooses.

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