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Definitions of sexual assault crimes vary by state

In Missouri and everywhere else in the United States, there are laws that govern sexually-related offenses. Anyone accused of sexual assault has the right to fight those charges in court. Actions that actually constitute a criminal sexual assault are categorized in different ways from state to state.

Missouri man fights for father's exoneration for sexual assault.

Divorce is seldom easy, and it often leads to contentious debates and derision between former spouses in Missouri and elsewhere. Years ago, one woman accused her husband of sexual assault against their son. The man, who was then a boy, has stated for years that he lied to please his mother.

Missouri authorities claim sexual assault occurred in parking lot

A  33-year-old man in Missouri who authorities say has  prior convictions on his criminal record has been placed under police arrest again. He has been accused of committing a sexual assault against a woman at approximately 10:30 p.m. in a parking lot. The incident occurred in 2015.

Missouri traffic violations stops do not always go well

There are any number of reasons that a police officer in Missouri might attempt to pull over a motorist. During such situations, an officer might, at some point, ask the driver to exit the vehicle. Even if a motorist is charged with traffic violations, a police officer must adhere to protocol and regulations that protect the person's constitutional rights at all times.

Protecting personal rights after being charged for sexual assault

Being accused of a crime that is sexual in nature can bring a person's reputation to near ruin. Any person in Missouri or elsewhere has the right to explore all available options to fight against sexual assault charges. In fact, there are several things a criminal defense attorney can do immediately to help a defendant protect his or her legal rights.

Man enters guilty plea in sexual assault case in Missouri

When accused of a crime in Missouri, a person may choose to enter a guilty plea to the court for any number of reasons. Typically, such a decision is made alongside the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can clarify the potential legal ramifications of such an action and offer advice as to any other options that may be available to a defendant. Many times, an attorney and defendant decide that pleading guilty to sexual assault or another similar offense is within a client's best interests.

Man facing charges for alleged rape on Missouri campus

Being accused of a sex crime is by no means evidence of one's guilt. Missouri law, as in other states, protects the accused with the right to a fair trial. The impact upon one's life when accused of rape or other serious crimes can be significant and long-lasting; therefore, it is advisable to protect oneself by retaining the help of an experienced criminal lawyer when charged with a criminal offense.

Business owner accused of sexual assault in Missouri

Being accused of a crime does not constitute one's guilt in Missouri or any of the other 49 states. There are often various options available in order to build a strong defense against charges. When allegations include sexual assault, a person's private and professional reputation is at stake. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal law attorney.

Boys accused of sexual assault against female student in Missouri

Controversy has arisen in Missouri surrounding an alleged video that was posted on Facebook, then deleted. A person who claims to have seen the video filed a report with police. The incident led to two teenage boys being accused of sexual assault against a female classmate.

Sexual assault offenders need to take caution this Halloween

With Halloween coming up this weekend, it is a good time to discuss the laws surrounding the holiday and sex offenders. Halloween is a very popular time of year for many residents of Missouri. However, it can spell trouble for those who have been convicted of sexual assault and other sex crimes in the past that now require them to register as sex offenders. 

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