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Any Missouri resident who has ever been charged with a crime most likely understands the anxiety and fear that can arise in the aftermath of the incident. Many worry that a background check that shows a past arrest will become an obstacle as they attempt to begin their life anew. A criminal defense lawyer would typically be able to assess an individual case and determine whether the person involved might be eligible to seek an expungement of their record.

When a person’s record is expunged, it is sealed. This means that the arrest record will not show if a background check is conducted by a prospective employer, or when someone is applying for loan financing, housing or admission to college or the military. Currently, if police bring an arrest before a prosecutor, and he or she does not issue a case due to lack of probability that the alleged crime occurred, the arrest, unfortunately, remains on a person’s criminal record history unless it is expunged.

Criminal defense attorney Gregory N. Smith believes that people who are arrested and not charged deserve to have their criminal history cleared. He is able to assist a person who wishes to determine if he or she is a qualified candidate for an expungement petition. Attorney Smith understands the complexities of Missouri law and is dedicated to helping those whose lives are being haunted by an overzealous arrest on the part of law enforcement.

Those in Missouri who have been arrested for a crime but were not charged may wish to seek consultation with a criminal defense lawyer like Gregory N. Smith in order to attempt an expungement of their records. People have a right to move forward in life, without a past incident impeding their potential future success. The first step in the process would be to contact our law office to schedule an appointment.