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Criminal Defense Attorney In St. Louis, Missouri

Criminal charges can leave you unsure of what to do and where to turn. Your personal and professional life, your future, and your freedom may all be in jeopardy. When facing a situation as serious as a criminal charge, an experienced advocate in your corner can make all the difference.

As a seasoned defender, I fight for the rights of the accused in St. Louis and surrounding areas, which has earned me a reputation as an attorney who gets results. I know how the Missouri criminal justice system works. My knowledge and skill will allow you to get a full understanding of your legal options. Together, we can navigate the system to seek the best possible result.

Don’t Let A Criminal Charge Define Your Life


Fighting For You From Start To Finish

Not only am I skilled at what I do, but I’m passionate about the people I defend. When you work with me, you are my No. 1 priority, and I will fight for your life as if it is my own. This is paramount to putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed. Any attorney can employ their skill and experience on your behalf, but very few truly care about their clients as I do.

I represent individuals in state and federal courts on misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, including:

I am a zealous advocate for my clients. I’ll be here from start to finish. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. As your partner through the legal process, my goal is to ensure that you feel heard and understood. Collaboration is key to ensuring that your needs and wants are met.

Passionate Advocacy In The Face Of Adversity

At The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith, I don’t hesitate to help my clients get justice. My commitment to you and to providing the highest quality legal services is unwavering. You can rely on me to be thoroughly prepared, knowledgeable about your situation and the law, and focused on getting you the best outcome possible.

The outcome of your case will change your life. It is impossible to overstate the importance of having a strong, experienced defense attorney on your side. Contact me today to get started with an advocate who wants what’s best for you and knows how to proceed.

Put Your Trust In An Experienced Criminal Defender

Taking action now is the best way to minimize the potential damage that a criminal charge can have on you and your loved ones. When it comes to matters as serious as your freedom and your future, put your trust in an attorney who will fight for your best interests, no matter what. I’ll stand by you from start to finish and seek the resolution you need so you can put your criminal case behind you.

You deserve the chance to build a future uninhibited by your past. Schedule a consultation today with The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith in St. Louis, Missouri. I am proud to represent the rights of the accused in the surrounding areas, including St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles and East St. Louis.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving St. Louis, Missouri

A criminal charge can wreak havoc on your life. Don’t let it. Schedule a consultation today with The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith in St. Louis, Missouri, to work with me. I fight for the rights of the accused in the surrounding areas of St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles, and East St. Louis.