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Violent Crimes Attorney In St. Louis, Missouri

Defending You Against Violent Crime Charges

If you are accused of a violent crime here in Missouri, the stakes could not be higher. Life in prison, or even the death penalty, is a possible outcome of a conviction for certain charges. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney is important to make sure you are treated fairly and give yourself the best chance at minimizing the negative effects of your arrest.

At The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith in St. Louis, you will have an aggressive advocate on your side. Contact my office today if you are facing charges such as:

Get A Lawyer With A Forensic Science Background In Your Corner

In violent crime cases, DNA evidence often plays a critical role. Unlike most other criminal defense attorneys in the area, I am a trained forensic scientist with extensive experience working in labs. I understand DNA evidence and can evaluate prosecutors’ evidence and conduct my own analysis. I can use my knowledge to challenge evidence at trial or use it to potentially have your charges reduced or dismissed.

I will use my findings to clearly lay out your options and what the potential outcomes are. As your lawyer, I will always have your best interests in mind and take the time to listen to what your goals and needs are.

Contact The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith Today

When you are facing a charge such as murder, it is important that you have the right legal representation on your side, because you will likely have to fight the stigma that you are already guilty. The faster you contact me, the faster I can get to work evaluating your case and preparing an effective legal strategy.

Call my law firm at 314-786-3522 or contact my firm online for a free consultation as soon as you are arrested or learn that you are under investigation.