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Understanding the different definitions of homicide

The term "homicide" refers to the killing of another human being, no matter the circumstances in which it took place. Therefore, while all homicides involve the death of a person, not all of them are considered to be crimes.

If you are worried about facing charges in Missouri in relation to the death of another person, you must gain a thorough understanding of the different types of homicide charges. In many cases, a successful defense strategy will enable a defendant to prove to the courts that they committed a legal homicide, or that they were not involved in a homicide at all. The following are some of the most common types of homicide.

Teen faces drug charges in Missouri following traffic stop

Most people in the United States are aware that they have certain rights afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution. Despite this awareness, they may not fully understand all the protections this document provides. In fact, a teen may need help determining if his constitutional rights were violated in the events leading up to his recent arrest and subsequent drug charges in Missouri.

The 18-year-old was reportedly driving on Interstate 44 on a day in early January. Reports indicate that his pickup truck was stopped by drug task force officers. These same officers reportedly discovered 10 bricks -- described by officers as "kilo-size" -- of fentanyl under the backseat of the pickup truck.

DWI charges follow 2-vehicle accident in Missouri

Because drivers in Missouri spend so much time on the road, it may be easy to take for granted certain issues surrounding driving. For example, something as simple as failing to notice a red light can have serious consequences, even though such an event can easily occur. In fact, a man in Missouri is now facing a DWI charge following a recent collision involving a missed traffic light.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened during the afternoon hours of a day in early January. According to reports, the 24-year-old man failed to stop at a traffic light. As a result, his vehicle reportedly struck a sedan driven by a 23-year-old woman as she attempted to make a left turn.

Man charged with assault, other allegations after altercation

Feeling panicked at a particular moment can cause people to act hastily. They may not think about their actions at the time, but those actions could end up costing them dearly. In some cases, individuals could be charged with assault if they acted in a violent manner in a moment of panic.

It was recently reported that a man in Missouri was taken into custody after an alleged altercation with police officers. Apparently, the man was on foot around 11 p.m. when an officer attempted to stop him. It was unclear why the officer wanted to make contact with the man, but the man purportedly pulled out a weapon and fired shots at the police officer's vehicle, causing damage to the window. The officer did not suffer any injuries in the incident.

Report of missing Missouri man leads to murder charges

There are few things more daunting than being the subject of a police investigation. Often, those in such a predicament may feel obligated to answer police questions even though they do not have an attorney advising them. However, any information they provide can be used against them. A man in Missouri is now likely wondering about his legal options after his recent arrest on murder charges, among others.

The police investigation was reportedly sparked on a day in early December when family members of a 52-year-old man reported him missing, saying they had not heard from him in approximately two weeks. Deputies consulted with the man's bank and discovered that his debit card was still being used in the days after he reportedly went missing. Surveillance video, according to police, showed a previous roommate of the missing man using the card even though the former was not present.

What are DWI penalties and defenses in Missouri?

Missouri laws set strict penalties for drunk driving. Anyone heading out to parties must ensure that they have a way home if they are going to have a few drinks. Despite the harshness of these laws, there are still some instances of drunk driving in this state. Some of these end in fatalities, which can lead to difficult legal situations for the person who is accused of drunk driving.

It is imperative that anyone who is accused of drunk driving understand what penalties they are facing. This can help them to determine what they are going to do about the charges.

Audit in Missouri city leads to fraud accusations

When a job requires a person to handle money -- especially municipal money -- the employee could be vulnerable to criminal allegations should money later turn up missing, regardless of the circumstances. Unfortunately, a man who served as the manager of one Missouri city's accounts now finds himself facing accusations of fraud. The accusations followed an audit.

The man who now faces criminal charges served as the city's police chief for approximately 10 years before serving as the manager of the city's accounts. Reports indicate that the Missouri state auditor conducted the investigation and allegedly found that several thousand dollars were missing. The official has stated that a zero policy tolerance from such actions exists.

Missouri woman faces criminal charges after courthouse incident

The criminal justice system is complicated. Even those with some experience with it may sometimes be unsure what actions are best. As such, the average person in Missouri is likely unsure of his or her options and the potential outcomes of each if accused of a crime. In fact, a woman now facing criminal charges following an incident at a courthouse may be seeking advice about her situation.

The incident that led to the woman's arrest reportedly happened on a day in late November. Reports indicate that the 38-year-old woman was entering the courthouse and attempting to pass through security. However, law enforcement officers claim that deputies became ill after opening her purse.

DWI charges follow fatal Missouri car accident

In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, there is an understandable need to investigate the events leading up to it and, perhaps, identify someone on which to place blame. Despite this desire, there must be evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order for someone to be convicted of charges related to an accident, especially because many accidents are the result of a simple oversight of a driver. In fact, it is unclear what supports the DWI charges a man in Missouri is now facing.

The incident that led to the 33-year-old man's arrest reportedly happened during the afternoon hours of a day in late November. Reports indicate that he was headed north in a van when the vehicle crossed over into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the van is said to have collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Former Missouri police chief charged with assault

There is no doubt that law enforcement officers have difficult jobs. Not only do they face physical harm, but they often witness incidents that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, a former police chief in Missouri now faces assault charges, following an incident reportedly involving the father of a child the law enforcement officer had rescued from a pond.

Reports indicate that the officer, a 50-year-old man, resigned from his position among allegations that he assaulted a man who was allegedly handcuffed at the time. Reports accuse the officer of hitting the man in the face. Federal officials say that the handcuffed man posed no threat at the time of the incident.

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