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Understanding embezzlement laws and penalties in Missouri

Embezzlement is more common than many people think. It is not always high-profile, and it can occur in a wide range of environments. If someone accuses you of embezzlement, you must not laugh it off as a preposterous idea. You should take the accusation seriously, even if you do not believe that you were guilty of committing such an act.

To better understand how you can successfully defend yourself against an embezzlement charge, it is a good idea that you take the time to understand the elements of the law in full.

Fatal Missouri skid steer accident results in drunk driving claim

The criminal justice system, for many in Missouri, can often feel overwhelming. This may be especially true for those who are facing police scrutiny and also coping with an unexpected death. Unfortunately, one man is now facing accusations of drunk driving following a recent fatal accident.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened on a day in August. According to police, a 24-year-old male was driving a Bobcat skid-steer. A 20-year-old male was reportedly riding in the bucket of it.

2 Missouri women face federal drug charges following overdoses

The criminal justice system is complex. Often, those facing criminal charges are unsure of the process, causing them to lack confidence in their ability to make the decisions that will likely have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. For example, two women in Missouri may be facing this uncertainty, following their arrest on federal drug charges.

The two women, ages 41 and 44, were arrested by U.S. Marshals on a day at the end of July. The investigation that led to their arrest also involved the local police department. Law enforcement officials claim that the women sold drugs to two people who overdosed in Oct. 2018.

Police suspect drunk driving in fatal Missouri crash

There are times in people's lives in which they react on pure adrenaline. Often, these reactions are out of character. Unfortunately, a man in Missouri is now facing multiple accusations, including drunk driving, after police say he caused a fatal accident following a police pursuit.

Police say that they initially became involved with the man after receiving reports of a driver who lost a trailer in the parking lot of a fair. Officers say that they then received a report of a driver -- presumably the same one -- fleeing from a traffic accident. A pursuit began, and a deputy deployed tire deflation devices. The driver allegedly continued.

Missouri fire department secretary accused of embezzlement

Being in charge of an organization's finances is a large responsibility. Any mistakes that are made could not only impact the organization but could also leave a treasurer susceptible to criminal allegations. In fact, a woman who served as the secretary of a volunteer fire department in Missouri is now accused of embezzlement.

Reports indicate that though the woman was the organization's secretary, she took over some of the treasurer's responsibilities. Law enforcement agencies accuse the 33-year-old woman, who is married to the fire chief, of embezzling money starting in Dec. 2016. Officials claim she stole the money in two different ways.

Conviction overturned in Missouri knife assault case

There are many people who have little experience with the law. As such, they may not fully understand all their options, should they find themselves facing legal charges. Some people may even assume that a conviction of charges is the end of the criminal justice process. However, it is often appropriate to file an appeal following a conviction. In fact, the Missouri Supreme Court recently overturned one man's conviction on assault and armed criminal action charges

The man was originally convicted in 2015 regarding an incident that reportedly happened at a bar in 2014. According to reports, the now 38-year-old man was involved in a knife attack that left one man paralyzed from his neck down. The alleged victim reportedly passed away due to complications from his injuries after the man was convicted of charges related to the incident.

2 Missouri men charged with murder in the deaths of 5

When a crime occurs in a town, there is an understandable need for answers. For example, the need to ensure that there is not a safety threat to other community members after five people were killed is strong. However, it is necessary to ensure that any arrests made and charges filed are supported by evidence in the case. Unfortunately, it is unclear what evidence supports the murder charges filed against two Missouri men.

The men, ages 29 and 30, were arrested in connection with the death of five men ranging in age from 37 to 54 at an apartment building that had been partially boarded up. The bodies were discovered by the father of one of the victims. Though law enforcement officials indicate that the incident was related to drug activity, they provided very few details about the incident, including what evidence directed them to the two men charged or the motive.

Drunk driving suspected in Missouri car accident

There are many safe drivers on Missouri roadways. These drivers are vigilant at all times and prepared to appropriately react should an obstacle enter their pathway. However, even the most safety-conscious driver may not be able to respond in time to the unexpected actions of another driver. Unfortunately, a driver is now suspected of drunk driving following a recent collision -- of which many of the details remain unclear -- that sent six children to the hospital.

The incident happened during the evening hours of a day in late June. According to reports, a 29-year-old woman was headed north on a Missouri road when she attempted a turn. Reports claim that a southbound vehicle driven by a 33-year-old man struck her vehicle.

Missouri man pleads guilty to embezzlement scheme

There are times when a person may act in a way, without fully realizing the implications of their actions, that could leave them in a precarious legal situation. For example, a person who takes debris from a construction site may not fully realize he or she could be charged with a crime. Despite this, a Missouri man has recently pleaded guilty after being accused of embezzlement.

Reports indicate that the case involves a 47-year-old man. He reportedly worked for DST Systems as a facilities engineer. The company was undergoing renovation from 2011-2016.  According to law enforcement officials, the man -- and other employees -- redeemed scrap metal from the company and kept the money from the redemption for themselves. The man reportedly embezzled just under $390,000 in this manner. 

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