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On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2014 | Firm News

After a 16-month long investigation into narcotics activities, 11 individuals were recently arrested in Camden County. Each Missouri resident has been charged with drug charges including possession of drugs. More warrants were obtained, and the authorities suspect that more arrests will follow as the investigation continues.

Various local law enforcement entities along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol worked together throughout the long investigation. Through a series of overt and covert operations, the authorities aimed to target the manufacturing, distribution and possession of various narcotics. These narcotics included heroin, morphine, prescription drugs and methamphetamine. The investigation centered on 23 individuals who the authorities suspected were loosely affiliated with the narcotics trade.

The authorities obtained arrest warrants for all 23 individuals, and some warrants contained multiple drug charges. Ten out of the 23 were arrested, and 12 more are still being sought. The authorities also made one additional arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. The accused individuals vary in age from 22 to 56-years old. The specific charges that each person faces — aside from the man arrested additionally — are unclear.

Each person was taken to the Camden County Jail to be processed and informed of his or her bond amount. When several people are arrested in Missouri during a large-scale investigation into the possession of drugs like this one, it is important that each person arrested scrutinizes every detail of their arrest. If proper procedure was not followed, it will likely have an effect on the accused persons’ criminal defenses. In the meantime, each person would do well to safeguard their legal rights as they prepare to defend against their specific charges.

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