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2 arrested at residence, both accused of possession of drugs

After receiving a tip containing unspecified information, two individuals were arrested following a search of their residence. The Missouri authorities claim that they found substances that could be used to manufacture methamphetamine. A woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant, and a man was arrested for various charges, including possession of drugs with the intent to distribute.

2 face possession of drugs and suspicion of burglary charges

A church was recently burglarized in Columbia, and the local authorities believe two men were involved in the purported crime. The Missouri authorities first found one man near the church and arrested him, and then they arrested a second individual who was driving nearby. The two young men face multiple charges each, including suspicion of burglary and possession of drugs.

2 begin criminal defense against robbery accusations

Two men were recently arrested after an incident at a Strafford Super 8 motel. The Missouri authorities have accused the men of robbing the motel. Additionally, one of the clerks supposedly opened fire at the alleged robbers, but no one was injured. The two men accused of suspicion of first-degree robbery are likely focused on forming their criminal defense.

Volunteer coach accused of Internet sex crimes

A volunteer coach from Belton has recently been arrested under accusations of committing serious crimes. He was arrested for committing Internet sex crimes because the Missouri police officers suspected that the man was in possession of child pornography. However, many details surrounding the case are unclear.

Is robbery different from burglary?

Although the law makes an obvious distinction between robbery and burglary, some people in Missouri might think of the two charges as strikingly similar. Although in both instances some form of property has allegedly been stolen, an individual cannot be charged with robbery if a victim is not actually present. As such, there can be varying degrees of a robbery charge. 

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