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On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2014 | Firm News

The authorities in Poplar Bluff recently arrested three individuals on accusations of theft. They are accused of trying to steal copper from an irrigation system on Missouri agricultural land. Each person is likely in the midst of preparing his or her criminal defense against the criminal charges.

The authorities are crediting new technology with the arrests. The authorities were alerted to a potential theft at the agricultural land at around 5:20 p.m. when a newly installed irrigation system alarm went off. The alarm went off, signaling that wires inside the system were possibly being cut. Agricultural employees claim that they saw a vehicle on the property, fired a gunshot into the air and started following the purported suspects.

When the authorities arrived, they initially suspected that the three individuals were attempting to steal valuable copper that is within the irrigation system. The authorities searched the vehicle, and they supposedly found bits of copper as well as bolt and wire cutters. The deputies estimated that approximately $2,500 of damage was done to the system. Each person was charged with suspicion of first-degree trespassing and second-degree property damage.

While the Missouri authorities continue to investigate, each of the three individuals must necessarily focus on his or her criminal defense. By going ahead and gathering information pertaining to his or her specific case, the accused person can make better informed decisions regarding the manner in which to proceed. It is that person’s legal right to defend against the accusations in a manner that will have the best possible outcome for the situation.

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