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On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2014 | Firm News

The former secretary for a Missouri correctional facility is now facing very serious criminal accusations. The secretary has been accused of embezzling funds from the facility totaling over $12,000. She will likely begin forming her Missouri criminal defense against her seven felony charges soon.

The sheriff’s office became concerned about potentially missing funds, and the facility launched an investigation on Aug. 28. The investigators claim that certain payments to the facility, including civil fees, money for prisoner transports and cash bonds posted within the corrections facility, were made in cash while some were made via check. According to the investigators, the secretary would have been in charge of handling these funds and correctly depositing them in the facility’s bank account.

However, the investigators discovered over $17,000 in missing funds between May 2013 and Aug. 2014. There was approximately $5,000 left in the facility’s account; therefore, the investigators elected to charge the secretary with the theft of $12,000. She faces seven counts of felony stealing. She is being held at a different correctional facility without bond while the investigation into the alleged theft continues.

With any Missouri white-collar crime, it can be difficult for the prosecution to accumulate enough solid evidence to obtain a conviction against the secretary. In the meantime, the secretary can begin forming her criminal defense in order to prepare herself against any evidence that the prosecution may bring up in court. Additionally, the secretary would do well to make sure that all her legal rights are safeguarded as she moves forward in the criminal process.

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