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On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2014 | Firm News

After an investigation into suspected drug activity, two men were arrested in West Plains. A 22-year-old and a 24-year-old now face multiple accusations for possession of drugs as well as a maintaining a public nuisance charge. Each is likely focused on preparing a criminal defenses in advance of the cases heading to a Missouri courtroom soon.

What led the local authorities to investigate the two men in the first place is unclear. However, the Howell County Sheriff’s Office was able to obtain and execute a search warrant at the men’s residence. Whatever evidence they allegedly had against the men in order to obtain the search warrant was not reported.

Once inside the residence, the authorities supposedly found multiple types of drugs. Specifically, the officers claim that they found hashish, marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and hydrocodone pills. They purportedly seized 70 hydrocodone pills, but the exact quantities of the other alleged drugs were not disclosed. Additionally, the exact charges that each man faces is unclear, but they do face multiple possession charges as well as a charge of maintaining a public nuisance.

Both men were able to post bond and are no longer in police custody, but they are expected to go to court for their possession of drugs accusations later this month. As their criminal process begins, regardless of the evidence that the Missouri authorities may claim to have against them, they are each guaranteed the presumption of innocence before the court. Additionally, the two men will have every reasonable opportunity to defend themselves and to seek a result that is in their respective best interests.

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