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On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2014 | Firm News

Theft allegations apparently led Missouri police to charge two individuals with drug offenses. Although one of those arrested was later released, the other is still behind bars for possession of drugs and theft charges. However, she has the option to post a $2,000 cash bond.

Dollar Store employees contacted authorities after they became suspicious that a patron may have been stealing. By the time police arrived, the woman was gone, but employees were apparently able to provide the make and model of the vehicle that she left in, as well as the direction in which she was traveling. A short while later, police initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle fitting the description.

The vehicle was carrying a female driver as well as one male passenger, who told police that they were heading home from another location. With permission, police then searched the vehicle and claim that they not only discovered merchandise that they believe was stolen from the Dollar Store, but also controlled substances. Although police did not disclose what exactly they found, they did say that Schedule 4 controlled pills were located in the truck.

Facing multiple charges can be confusing for defendants in Missouri. Both the charges for theft as well as possession of drugs can result in various consequences, ranging from fines to probation and jail time. Before deciding on any one course of action, those facing similar charges may benefit from a careful review of the allegations alongside his or her counsel. Doing so can generally provide better insight into how to proceed in such a way that will garner the most favorable outcome possible for the defendant.

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