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January 2015 Archives

Missouri man faces assault charges after domestic incident

A man accused of attacking his wife and two stepchildren is currently awaiting a trial date, according to local law enforcement. Missouri police responded to a domestic dispute and summarily charged a 36-year-old man with several counts of domestic assault. However, it is unclear what evidence was used to proceed to the arrest stage. 

Murder suspect examines criminal defense options

A man was recently arrested in Poplar Bluff and is now facing serious criminal accusations. He is suspected of shooting and killing the manager of a hotel in St. Louis. Alongside his legal counsel, the 43-year-old man will likely begin examining options available to him, including the preparation of a criminal defense.

Wife begins criminal defense, accused of killing husband

After over two years, the Warsaw authorities have arrested a suspect accused of being involved with the death of a man. The Missouri authorities believe that the man's wife is the person who shot and killed him in 2012. However, as she begins to form her criminal defense, she retains the presumption of innocence until -- and only if -- proved guilty in a court of law.

Criminal law accusation against superintendent for steroid sales

A superintendent in St. Francois County was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes. The Missouri superintendent has been accused of violating criminal law by buying and selling steroids. He faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.

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