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On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2015 | Firm News

The ex-principal of a Hannibal elementary school was recently arrested under accusations of drug crime, much to the shock of the community. The 33-year-old is a married father of one with another child on the way. Now, the Missouri man has been charged with possession of drugs with the intent to deliver for heroin.

The authorities claim that they received a tip concerning possible drug activity late last year, and they began to investigate the tip. Details surrounding the tip are not clear. Eventually, the authorities were led to suspect the ex-principal’s brother. However, whatever led them to suspect the man as well as what may have led them to eventually suspect the ex-principal is unclear.

On Feb. 11, the authorities executed a search warrant on the brother’s property where they allegedly found both heroin and meth. Afterward, the authorities obtained a search warrant for the ex-principal’s home. The investigators claim that they found 12.5 grams of a substance that initially tested positive for heroin located inside the man’s jacket pocket. The investigators also claimed to find various drug paraphernalia. Supposedly, the amount of heroin discovered from both houses could have made approximately 800 capsules and sold for up to $12,000.

Anytime a person is arrested for possession of drugs in Missouri, that individual remains innocent until, and only if, proved guilty in a court of law. As the man begins his criminal process, he is granted specific legal rights in our state, which he would do well to safeguard. Additionally, he would also do well to begin gathering information pertaining to his case in an effort to begin forming a well-informed criminal defense.

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