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On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Firm News

A Missouri Department of Corrections supervisor as well as an individual who was on probation were recently arrested on drug related charges. The authorities executed a search warrant on the second individual’s property, and they allegedly found multiple types of drugs in various amounts. The two individuals have now been accused of possession of drugs and face unspecified charges.

Whatever suspected evidence may have led the authorities to execute the search warrant is unclear. Nevertheless, they arrived at the 38-year-old’s residence to commence the the search, and they discovered two individuals in the home. One was the property owner, who was on probation for possession of drugs as well as fraud, and the other individual was a supervisor with the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Within the residence, the investigators also allegedly found firearms as well as various drugs. Some of the drugs that they purportedly discovered included what they initially suspected to be methamphetamine, controlled tablets and LSD. The specific charges that the pair face are unclear, but they were each taken into custody at the Maries County Jail. Both were given a $72,500 bond, and each is currently out of police custody while they await further court proceedings.

It is purportedly against policy for any Missouri Department of Corrections personnel to associate with persons who are on probation and suspected of being involved in drug activity. The 46-year-old supervisor had allegedly received a warning for this type of violation in the past. However, regardless of any past warnings, the supervisor and the second individual remain innocent until, and only if, proven guilty of their possession of drugs accusations and related charges by appropriate evidence in a court of law.

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