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On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Firm News

A youth director for a Columbia church has recently been accused of some very serious charges. Missouri authorities claim that the 42-year-old man sexually assaulted a young girl. He faces multiple criminal charges, including statutory sodomy for his alleged criminal actions.

The investigation supposedly began in early February after a hotline call came into the Missouri Division of Children’s Services. The details about the call were not publicly disclosed, but the church where the youth director was employed placed him on administrative leave the following day. Subsequently, the youth director resigned from his position during the investigation.

The details surrounding the case were not reported. He faces two counts of statutory sodomy on a child younger that 14 years old. One count is a first-degree charge, and the other is a second-degree charge. He also faces one count of possession of child pornography. At last report, he was in police custody on a $100,000 cash-only bond.

When a person is accused of statutory sodomy in Missouri, they not only face the possibility of prison time, but also they would be labeled as a sex offender, if convicted. However, no conviction can be obtained without evidence that is both competent and relevant. The burden of proving the charges rests on the prosecution. Meanwhile, the youth director has the right to form his criminal defense in the manner that he deems most beneficial for his specific case, and he will have every opportunity to defend himself against the accusations brought against him in court.

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