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On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Firm News

A young man and a minor were recently arrested in Jefferson City. The Missouri police have accused them of committing several car thefts in the area, and they each face multiple criminal charges. Alongside their respective legal counsel, each of the two individuals is likely focused on preparing his individual criminal defense against the charges.

Officers in Jefferson City claim that they received approximately 10 reports from citizens stating that items had been stolen from their vehicles. The reports came in overnight and into the early morning over an 8-hour period. The investigators say that each of the vehicles had been unlocked, but the owners reported a variety of items missing, including wallets, electronics and credit cards.

An officer was sent to investigate a call concerning a stalled vehicle, and the officer reportedly noticed a large amount of items in the vehicle. The officer purportedly discovered alcohol, marijuana and several items that the officer believes to have been stolen from the vehicles. Both of the individuals were arrested on felony stealing, theft of credit card and minor in possession charges. The 18-year-old faces additional charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

No matter the evidence that the authorities may claim to have against the teenagers initially, they remain innocent before the court until — and only if — proven guilty by appropriate evidence. The two Missouri residents face very serious charges, and each individual will have an array of choices to make in his criminal defense. This process may seem intimidating, but thankfully, criminal defense attorneys are available in our state to provide support and guidance at every stage of the legal proceedings.

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