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On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Firm News

Law enforcement officers from multiple entities cooperated together in a Jefferson City drug bust. The Missouri officers executed three search warrants simultaneously, and five individuals were arrested. Each individual is accused of criminal law offenses for allegedly committing drug-related crimes, but the specific charges that each person faces were not disclosed.

The Jefferson City Police Department aided the MUSTANG Drug Task Force, along with the Cole County Sheriff’s Department, to conduct the three raids. The task force allegedly gathered information concerning individuals living at three separate locations who were purportedly involved in drug activity. All of the residences are located in Jefferson City.

Two individuals were arrested at each of the first two residences, and the authorities claim to have seized methamphetamine at both locations. The authorities also purportedly recovered stolen goods at the second residence. Whatever evidence was supposedly seized at the third residence has not been released. Three of the five individuals face charges of possession and attempt to manufacture and/or distribute a controlled substance. The charges that the other two persons face have not been disclosed.

Each of the five individuals — no matter the specific criminal law charges they face — are presumed innocent until, and only if, proven guilty in court. A guilty verdict can only be obtained if the Missouri prosecution can present evidence that is both competent and relevant and that meets an exacting standard of proof. If the individuals so choose, guidance is available in our state for persons accused of committing drug crimes. The seriousness of these accusations mandates that each individual, alongside legal counsel, safeguard all applicable legal rights while fighting for the best possible result.

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