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On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2015 | Firm News

The severity of charges that an individual may face relating to alleged criminal activity may depend on the circumstances of the situation. For instance, an individual my face more serious charges if an assault on a police officer takes place than if a civilian was purportedly assaulted. The types of charges leveled against a party may impact the way he or she feels most comfortable handling the situation.

It was recently reported that a Missouri man was taken into custody after an alleged assault. The report indicated that the man allegedly began banging on the door of the home of an off-duty officer. The officer’s daughter reportedly stated that she saw her mother braced against the door. Exact details of the alleged event are unclear, but it was stated that the man caused the woman to fall down a flight of stairs and allegedly began to choke her.

The off-duty officer reportedly shot the man in the leg and injured herself in the process. It was not reported what may have caused the situation to take place or the alleged escalation to violence. Nonetheless, the man was taken into custody for assaulting an off-duty police officer.

Assault charges could cause an individual to face serious consequences if he or she is convicted. However, accused parties are considered innocent until — and only if — a conviction takes place. Therefore, the man accused in this Missouri case may want to determine how he feels most comfortable handling the situation. Information on legal options and how state criminal proceedings relating to his situation are carried out may provide him with useful knowledge.

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