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On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Firm News

Preparation can play a substantial role in how many situations play out. Because legal proceedings are especially serious, parties who are facing charges may want to ensure that they are prepared to move forward when they appear for their court dates. Individuals who face felony or misdemeanor charges should have the ability to create a criminal defense in order to fight any allegations that have been leveled against them.

One man in Missouri may be hoping to prepare for his situation after was recently arrested by police. It was reported that the man had allegedly gone into a drug store and demanded $20 from the register. In doing so, he purportedly pointed a gun at two individuals. The man was reportedly given the $20 and left the store.

Authorities later went to the residence of the man due to an unrelated situation. While there, police reportedly found stolen items, a “defaced” weapon and drug paraphernalia. It was also stated that the man was later identified as allegedly having had involvement in the drug store robbery. As a result, the man is facing felony charges for robbery and armed criminal action, as well as misdemeanor charges for possession of stolen property and other allegations as part of the second unrelated case.

Facing multiple charges can cause an individual to become overwhelmed as to how to handle the circumstances. Because this man is suspected to have had involvement in two separate cases, he may want to better understand how that may affect his situation. He may want to learn more about criminal defense options if he wishes to fight the felony and misdemeanor charges leveled against him or find out information on other options that could be available through the Missouri criminal justice system.

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