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On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2015 | Firm News

After being accused of an alleged crime, individuals will likely want to focus on creating a criminal defense. While moving forward, parties charged with assault may find it wise to explore various defensive practices to determine with what tactics they may be most comfortable. Because each situation is unique, individuals may want to assess their circumstances and better understand how their legal situations may be affected.

One man in Missouri may be exploring his options after being taken into custody. It was reported that the man worked as a store clerk and was on duty when he allegedly shot a teenager. The teenager was apparently walking toward the store’s exit when he was purportedly shot by the clerk. Reports also claimed that the man yelled something at the teenager before shooting.

The 16-year-old boy reportedly told police that he had put a package of cookies into his pocket before trying to leave the store. It was unclear what the clerk may have said to the boy beforehand. Reports went on to state that the boy was shot in the leg and transported to an area hospital. As a result of the situation, the clerk was charged with assault.

Incidents of alleged assault are serious legal matters that must be handled. As the situation moves forward, the accused man will likely want to defend against the allegations leveled against him. In order to determine ways in which to create a meaningful defense, the man may wish to consult with his legal counsel and learn more about Missouri criminal proceedings relating to his case.

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