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On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2015 | Firm News

When individuals have criminal allegations brought against them, they likely want to determine the best way to handle the situation. Because the circumstances vary from case to case, parties likely want to become more knowledgeable with legal information that relates directly to their predicament. By gaining specific information, individuals accused of assault may be better able to create a meaningful defense.

One man in Missouri may be considering such action after being charged. It was reported that authorities responded to a situation that was apparently initially considered a domestic disturbance. Upon arriving at the residence, a woman reportedly stated that a man had entered her home and assaulted her. The man purportedly left the scene before police arrived.

Officers who responded to the scene apparently gained information regarding to where the man might have been traveling. As a result, they requested assistance from additional law enforcement. The man was eventually located and taken into custody. He was initially being held on a $75,000 bond and had already posted that bond at the time of the report. It was noted that he is currently facing charges for burglary and assault due to the alleged situation.

Burglary and assault charges can come with steep consequences if the man is convicted. Understandably, he may wish to determine how to utilize defensive strategies in order to combat the allegations leveled against him. Information on the allegations, Missouri criminal proceedings and additional legal information that may be related to his case could potentially help him make decisions with which he is comfortable putting into action.

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