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On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Firm News

Being charged with DUI can be a difficult situation for any driver. Luckily, accused parties have options for defending against DUI allegations. If an individual is interested in creating a defense, he or she will likely want to learn more about the situation in order to better understand how the case will proceed. By obtaining such information, the individual may be able to make more informed decisions.

One woman in Missouri may be taking such action after being charged. It was reported that the woman was driving a vehicle when she apparently failed to travel through a curve in the road. As a result, the vehicle left the roadway, hit an embankment and flipped. The accident resulted in her suffering moderate injuries.

The woman was also taken into custody as authorities apparently suspected her of being under the influence. However, it was not reported whether any breath or other chemical tests were administered to determine possible intoxication. Nonetheless, the woman is facing charges of DUI, careless driving and other reported violations. She was released from custody in order to be treated for her injuries, but she has a summons to appear in court.

As her situation moves forward, the woman will likely want to find out information about her case and the DUI and other allegations brought against her. By gaining such knowledge, she may be able to prepare more fully as her case goes to Missouri court. Preparation may help her create a meaningful defense that she could utilize in order to work toward her desired outcomes.

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