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On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2015 | Firm News

Defending against criminal charges is often a complex and intimidating endeavor. Those individuals facing this situation may not always fully understand their criminal defense options. Luckily, there is information and assistance available for parties who have had allegations filed against them and who wish to better understand appropriate defense strategies.

One man in Missouri may be exploring such information due to his recent indictment. It was reported that he had been indicted in July, but the charges were sealed until the man made his first court appearance, which took place this month. The charges stem from allegations that the man was making methamphetamine and that he was in possession of explosive weapons.

The weapons were described as being bombs that contained rusty nails. These items and paraphernalia relating to methamphetamine production were allegedly taken from the man’s home after authorities conducted a search last year. It was unclear what caused authorities to suspect that the man may have had such items in his possession. Nonetheless, he is facing charges for meth production and possession of unregistered firearms.

It could benefit the man to become more knowledgeable about the charges that have been pursued against him. In doing so, he may be better able to determine what course of defensive action may be most valuable to his case. Additionally, discussing his criminal defense options with his legal counsel may allow him the opportunity to make informed decisions in his own best interest as his case moves through the Missouri criminal justice system.

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