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On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Firm News

Missouri deputies reported a recent incident that resulted in a man facing criminal charges after they pulled him over for several alleged traffic violations. The 33-year-old man is currently being held in jail on possession of drugs and a $3,500 cash only bond has been set. In all states, a person accused of criminal offenses is presumed innocent under the law unless proved otherwise in court.

Police claim that when they pulled the man over in a recent traffic stop, he exited his vehicle and began to approach the officer on foot. The officer stated that he instructed the man to return to the inside of his vehicle. Apparently, the man kept moving toward the officer and would not identify himself.

The officer reportedly stopped the man in his approach and said that a wallet with identification was found in the man’s pocket. Reports indicate that the man was driving with a license that had been revoked and also had a warrant out for his arrest. Officers say that a canine deputy alerted them to drugs inside the vehicle.

Marijuana was said to have been found in the car. In addition, the deputy claims that the man was carrying several hundred dollars in cash on his person. Charges for possession of drugs can lead to serious penalties if convicted in Missouri. It is advisable that anyone facing such charges would do so under the guidance of an experienced criminal lawyer who is able to speak and act on behalf of a defendant throughout the legal process.

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