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On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2015 | Firm News

Authorities recently arrested and charged a man with theft. According to police, the Missouri man disassembled and then stole removable part from a John Deere tractor. The police say they were able to recover the parts after receiving a tip that the parts were hidden on property near the location where the theft allegedly took place.

The police apparently claim that the tire treads on the man’s truck match tracks that were found at the theft site. The police also say that they have the man on images that they captured from a surveillance camera. The images are said to confirm that the accused man was in the area on the exact night that the tractor parts were stolen.

He has been officially charged with stealing property that exceeds $25,000 in value. In addition, he has been charged with first degree trespassing and first degree property damage. His bond was initially set at $75,000.

When Missouri individuals are accused of a crime, including theft, they could find themselves facing potentially severe consequences if — and only if — a conviction is actually obtained in criminal court. The actual punishment after a guilty verdict will depend greatly on the exact circumstances surrounding the theft, including the estimated value of the property that was reportedly stolen. At a minimum, anyone accused under similar circumstances will benefit by exploring what options may be available to them as their case heads to court. The first best step is typically to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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