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On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Firm News

Authorities say that a recent search resulted in the discovery of cocaine and marijuana in the pocket of a man’s shorts at an apartment in Missouri. The shorts were apparently identified as his because his driver’s license was supposedly in the pocket as well. The man was charged with possession of drugs.

Apparently, a woman was present at the apartment during the initial search in this case. However, it seems that only the man was charged with a crime. Police say the man told them that the drugs belonged to him.

He recently pleaded guilty to one count of felony possession. The 36-year-old was sentenced to serve eight years in the Missouri Department of Corrections. Reportedly, the sentencing judge did not take the man’s prior criminal record into consideration when imposing the prison sentence .

As this case underscores, facing charges in Missouri for possession of drugs can be a very serious matter that potentially leads to time in prison. Nevertheless, there are strict regulations and protocol to which law enforcement agents must adhere when conducting a search or making an arrest. An experienced criminal lawyer may be able to challenge various aspects of charges or an arrest in order to have certain proffered evidence ruled inadmissible at trial by the court. In fact, in some situations, an attorney is able to obtain a dismissal of all charges against a defendant. It is always advisable to retain legal representation in order to seek assistance in building a strong defense before facing charges in court.

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