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On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Firm News

A person’s reputation is often at stake when arrested under suspicion of criminal wrongdoing. Whether charges are related to a traffic incident or connected to allegations of an assault, theft or other type of crime, a strong criminal defense is often crucial toward achieving a positive outcome in court. In Missouri, experienced criminal lawyers are available to help you overcome your current legal challenges.

The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith serves clients in St. Louis and surrounding regions. Experienced and dedicated support is assured to anyone facing criminal charges in the state. Depending upon the circumstances of your situation, options may be available to challenge various aspects of your arrest and the formal charges against you.

Attorney Smith has successfully defended clients in both state and federal courts. Whether the charges you now face involve misdemeanors or felonies, allowing a legal advocate to act on your behalf in court is often key to obtaining positive results. If you have been previously convicted of a crime and seek help in getting your record expunged, our law firm can help.

If you are in need of criminal defense advice due to charges against you in Missouri, you can contact The Law Office of Gregory N. Smith to request a consultation. Your freedom and desire to resolve your current legal issues are our priority. We are prepared and willing to help you address criminal matters of all sorts by providing sound legal counsel and effective representation throughout the litigation process. We are prepared to act on your behalf from the moment you contact our firm.